Happy 4th of July

Reyes Legal wishes you a Happy 4th of July

This Independence Day USCIS welcomes 14,000 new U.S. Citizens. They are immigrants from all over the world and from all walks of life. Some came to the U.S. as business owners or family members, some came as #refugees and others as #undocumentedimmigrants but most, if not all, came here seeking safety and stability for a better life.

Our office is open today in order to continue helping to #KeeepFamiliesTogether, especially for those families who also came to the U.S seeking safety and stability. Not only have they been denied that safety, but their children have also been ripped from their arms.

We love our #America. We also love our Constitution, our compassion, our military, our justice and our respect for civil rights. So today, as you celebrate with your families, look up in the sky and pray for those less fortunate who for this reason or another, cannot be with their loved ones to celebrate.

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