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C.J.M. Pro-bono

Reyes Legal proudly presents The Carlos J. Martin Tribute Center for Pro-bono Work.

Carlos J. Martin was also a Florida Coastal School of Law graduate. Upon his graduation in 2010, Carlos worked as an attorney under a fellowship at the Florida Coastal Immigrant Rights Clinical Program. It was there that Attorney Reyes and Carlos became great friends and colleagues. While still in law school, Attorney Reyes worked on a Withholding of Removal case under Carlos’s supervision. Carlos successfully argued that the client would be persecuted if he were returned to his home country. Carlos truly loved the pro-bono work he did in the clinical programs, and missed the gratification he received from the work, when he left for the private sector. Carlos J. Martin passed unexpectedly in April of 2013 due to heart failure. This Center pays tribute to Carlos, the work he did and the lives he helped change. Among many wonderful things, his love for pro-bono work is remembered.

The Carlos J. Martin Tribute Center for Pro-bono Work is a new addition to the Reyes Legal firm. Under this Tribute Center, Reyes Legal will commit to taking on at least two (2) pro-bono cases a year in order to provide legal services for the oppressed and the underprivileged individuals, who would otherwise be unable to afford quality legal representation. As Reyes Legal grows, so does its commitment to this necessary and scarce work.

Attorney Reyes shares the same love for pro-bono work as did Carlos. As a law student, she dedicated a large portion of her studies working at the same Immigrant Rights Clinic that Carlos worked in. Now that she is an attorney in the Jacksonville legal community, she finds it extremely important to continue providing these kinds of legal services to deserving individuals. To find out if you qualify, please email us at info@reyes-legal.com or call us at 904.513.4455.